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We are a small family-owned and operated business, dedicated to this wonderful breed. Our kennel is located in Hungary, but some of our stunning puppies are regularly available in the UK too.
We rigorously comply with our Pet Vending Licence, issued and regulated by Barnet London Borough Council, creating the best possible conditions and environment for the dogs
(Licence number:AWSELL/19/60744).

Chow Chows

Breed history

It is an old Chinese breed, known for over 2000 years, fact proved by the Chinese basreliefs, which show hunting scenes with these dogs. It is the descendant of the Han Dog breed. The Chinese waggoners used it to guard the barges and the carts. Many Chinese would trade its rich fur and eat its flesh, which was considered a delicacy. One of the emperors of China had more than 5000 Chow- Chow dogs, which he used for hunting. Its name could come from the sailors slang referred to the mixed cargos - chow-chow, or it could come from the term from the Cantonese dialect - chow, which means food. In Europe it appeared in 1880, in England, where it was raised and then selected, quickly becoming a luxury dog, very appreciated in the whole of Europe and in the USA.

It is a very good watchdog and lately it has been wanted more and more as a companion dog.

Why choose us?

-Expert guidance and advice
We can counsel you on what to expect and help you decide if the breed will be a good match with your family and lifestyle. We will never pressure you into buying a puppy if the breed is not a good fit. We will help match you with the best puppy for you and your family. We try to encourage our customers to stay in contact with us and offer advice throughout the puppy’s lifetime, including health, grooming, training, nutrition, and behaviour.
-Puppy contract
At the point of sale we provide a puppy contract, which includes the details of the people and the puppy; vaccinations and worming; the puppies weight and diet; rights of return; interactions to other dogs(same breed and other breeds) and animals, adults and children; detailed guidance notes.
From 6 April 2016, owners must ensure their dog is microchipped. Microchipping helps puppies to be identified and returned if they get lost or stolen. The puppy you buy from us will already be microchipped.
Pet passports are necessary if you plan to bring your pet to or from a European Union country, or another country from which the UK accepts pet passports – such as the USA, Australia and Japan – without them needing to go through an often-distressing quarantine period. The passport also includes a record of all the vaccinations and other procedures that your pet has had. It's important because it acts as evidence that your pet is fit and healthy to travel, and it is required by the country you're visiting.
A pet passport will currently set you back £60, while microchipping costs an extra £20. Therefore, with us, you can save £80.
Vaccinations are essential to prevent certain deadly diseases such as parvo. If the mother was correctly vaccinated the puppy should have resistance to these diseases for roughly the first ten weeks of its life. The breeder's vet has vaccinated our puppies and has given them a vaccination certificate which shows the vaccination date and products used. The puppies must be vaccinated against rabies in at least age of 12 weeks old and 21 days prior arrival to the UK. The proof is provided by the vet and recorded in the passport.
We have treated all our dogs and puppies for worms. Regular worming is important for all puppies, whether the mother was wormed or not, for the health of puppies and humans.


The Chow-Chow and the Shar-Pei are the only dog breeds that have a blue-purple tongue. They are different compared to other dogs through the shape of the paws of the hind legs, which are similar to a cat's paw - being round. It is a medium-sized, Spitz dog, with a square body. The head is broad and big with a short muzzle, a moderate stop and a black nose, except for the blue specimens which have a slate-coloured nose. The eyes are small, almond-shaped, dark and deeply-set, fact which causes a limited side-view. The ears are small, triangular with rounded tips and erect. The tail is short and carried arched on the back. There are two varieties: with long hair and with short hair (rarely met). The fur is double-layered with a short, thick, fluffy inner layer and an outer layer with long, erect, soft or rough, thick hair. Around the neck and head the thicker hair forms a mane. It can be pure red, black, blue or cream. The tongue and skin have a blue pigmentation.

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